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Discover the Treatment That’s Right for You


Your Journey to Recovery 

Starts Here 

Rebuild your life, one treatment at a time. With FRIENDS HELPING FRIENDS’ assistance and your commitment to remain Clean, your recovery is guaranteed. Our team helps individuals address all types of addiction and substance abuse.

We focus on the root of addiction and decide which amongst the available treatments will provide a lasting effect on every individual, giving you a recovery roadmap that’s unique and effective.

It Starts With a Conversation

Every successful journey starts with the individual’s willingness to share his or her addiction story to a trusted counsellor. Think of us as your personal friend who will guide you through every step of the way until you can finally bid farewell to the unpleasant parts of your past.

Our doors are always open for Greater Toronto Area residents who are suffering from any type of addiction or any form of substance abuse. Contact us and let’s talk and start your unique journey to recovery.

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