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Rebuilding lives.


Get the Tools, Advice, and Treatment You Need to Remain Clean 

When your addiction to alcoholism, drugs, gambling, or shopping are getting in the way of your dreams, seek help from FRIENDS HELPING FRIENDS. Our mental health and addiction counsellors will work with you to align your values, thoughts and behaviours, so you can remain clean and say goodbye to the old habits that are of no good to you.

About Our Founder

Angelo Guzzo has been providing top assistance to those who are struggling with addiction since 2012. Proficient in time management and organization, Angelo brings a wealth of experience in the legal and counselling fields.

Due to his vast experience in both fields, he is able to assist in all types of addiction challenges. His personable nature, excellent communication skills, and strong ethics are a must to deal with everyday addiction problems. 

About Our Organization

Founded in February 2015, FRIENDS HELPING FRIENDS aims to educate the public about the causes and effects of substance abuse and addiction treatments. We conduct research on the topic by collecting and disseminating information through our workshops, seminars, conferences, and meetings.

Our organization coordinates with healthcare and social support services to establish mutual support groups and provide treatments to persons in the Greater Toronto Area who are affected by any form of behaviour and substance abuse.

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